Documentary Patrimony


The documentation structure is based on title headings with an alphabetical/numerical system articulated in connection with the relevant material.

The principal themes regarding the institutional activities of the Gallery are listed in relation to their position in the historic/artistic documentation:

  • acquisitions and donations of works of art;
  • deposits of works within and outside of the Gallery;
  • movement of works within the Gallery;
  • exhibitions inside and outside of the Gallery;
  • the Quadriennale exposition of Rome;
  • relations with the Biennale of Venice;
  • relations with the artists; scientific and didactic activity;
  • awards for encouragement; loaning works of art;
  • photographic, cinematic and televised projects, library activities at the Institute and at the new headquarters;
  • publications by and about the Gallery;
  • correspondence among the different Soprintendenzas;
  • projects, designs and maps related to the Gallery and its expansion;
  • restoration activity undertaken by the Gallery; surveys and related activity;
  • relations with other museums and institutes.

The Gallery's legal and administrative documentation constitutes a conspicuous part of the Historic Archive, documenting the life of the Institute from its conception onwards:

  • relations with the Ministry of Education;
  • programming and annual reports;
  • administrative correspondence;
  • orders, memos, communiqués, accounting management;
  • inventory lists;
  • files related to personnel;
  • the original site of the Gallery;
  • the bookshop.