Visitors Observatory

Among the activities of the Observatory are the forecasted surveys oriented to reconstruct the socio-
demographic profile of our public (the type of visitors we receive) and to evaluate their satisfaction with our exhibitions and the permanent collections.
The survey is not limited to the processing of empirical data, but can be characterized as a qualitative study that covers the categories of sociology, anthropology, and the psychology of art, with the goal of qualifying the experience of the museum as an aesthetic experience.
Among the objectives of the survey one finds standards of the operation and development of museums [D.Lgs. n. 112/98 art. 150; ICOM ] in relation to the following thematic areas:

- Museum/territory

- Awareness/satisfaction

- Environment/staging

- Conception of the museum

What the survey requires:

The survey requires the administration of a semi-structured questionnaire to the public. It includes a series of various questions regarding socio-demographics and subjects in the aforementioned thematic areas.
The survey is structures in two phases:

- quantitative

- qualitative

The quantitative survey involves:

- A plan for sampling

- A pilot survey

- Periodic administration of the questionnaire in Italian, English, and French

- The collection of data related to the questionnaires

- The processing and statistical coding of data and interpretation of the results

Methods of data collection most commonly used in museum settings for the qualitative survey:

- Focus group

- In-depth interviews

- Observational investigation

Consult the surveys of the Observatory
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Maria Mercede Ligozzi