Office for additional services

After hours

The National Gallery of Modern Art opens its doors outside of normal hours to offer to the public the possibility of having a completely different experience of visiting the museum.

From 19.30 and on it is possible to request:

- Guided tours of the museum/temporary exhibit

- Visit to the museum with dinner or buffet

- Gala dinner or buffet

For information related to whichever type of event, contact Dr. Anna Rita Nappi, responsible for Additional Services (06/3224157

Guided tour

Maximum number of participants is 300

Each group will have a maximum of 30 persons to guarantee the ideal use of the museum's spaces.

Other types of services

Hercules Hall - for conferences (150 persons max.)

Hercules Hall - gala dinner or buffet (230 persons max.)

Catering service

Our catering service is entrusted exclusively to the manager of the Café of the Arts, with whom one can arrange the menu, beverages, decorations, and anything else that is necessary for the event.


The rates are determined according to the number of participants and the event type.


Anna Rita Nappi