Exhibition Office


The Office, dependent directly upon the Soprintendenza, is in charge of all phases inherent in the programming and planning of the National Gallery's shows and regards the art historians who direct the Soprintendenza as well as the directors of its related museums: the Christian Andersen Museum, the Mario Praz Museum, the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum and the Manzù Museum.

The office (formerly the technical-scientific office) works closely with the curators of the each exhibition, undertaking all of the matters necessary for the elaboration of each project up to and including its final form.

The management of works on loan for exhibition requires a series of operations and procedures undertaken over a short period of time. Therefore the work must be organized according to a time-schedule providing in advance the standard documentation regarding loans, conservation, insurance policies and contracts according to national and international standards which regulate temporary exhibitions of works of art.


  1. defining the list of works;
  2. loan requests;
  3. stipulation of conditions regarding loans;
  4. terms of insurance, transport and set-up of exhibition;
  5. choosing of the company in charge of the exhibition;
  6. choosing of insurer and stipulation of policy;
  7. choosing of company in charge of packing and transport as well as definition of related procedures;
  8. charge of all operations regarding consignment, unpacking and oversight of works' set-up, arrival and ultimate departure.

If the show is itinerant, a contract will be stipulated amongst the institutions which are co-organizing the event.


Giovanna Coltelli

Matteo Lafranconi

Massimo Mininni