Since 1976 the Restoration Laboratory of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome is the only institution in Italy which  restores contemporary works of art as well other works belonging to the Soprintendenza.

The Laboratory is divided into sectors corresponding to the materials of which the artworks are made and conducts restoration projects of a highly specialized nature. The laboratory contains a rich archive of its previous restoration projects. Consultation is possible with authorization.


  • verification, maintenance and restoration of artworks;
  • monitoring of exhibition spaces;
  • technical-scientific consultation;
  • planning of restoration and conservation projects;
  • direction and verification of restoration projects;
  • onsite inspections of state institutions and others;
  • state-of-conservation verification regarding works requested for loan;
  • supervision of transport and packing of artworks;
  • accompaniment during transport of artworks;
  • Condition Status Reports of works on loan for temporary exhibits;
  • tutorial programs for internships;
  • scientific publications and participation in conferences.