What is it

The Catalogue office of the Soprintendenza at the National Gallery of Modern Art is in charge of the coördination and the scientific direction of cataloguing activities for the artistic and historic patrimony of the National Gallery of Modern Art and its associated museums: the Hendrick Andersen Museum, the Boncampagni Ludovisi Museum for Decorative Arts, Costumes and Fashion, the Manzù Museum and the Praz Museum.

Furthermore the Catalogue Office is in charge of the cataloguing and photographic campaigns of important estates both private and public as well as private collections of chronological relevance which come under the legal norms of the Soprintendenza. Its principal activities are: elaboration of projects for the cataloguing system and photographic documentation; management of the archive's paper-based catalogue, digitalization of the paper catalogue and images; user information on artists and works from the 19th and 20th Centuries.


The Catalogue Office archive conserves an index on the works of painting, sculpture, designs, prints, decorative arts and clothing of the museum collections. The paper archive and digital data-base contain over 9.000 indexed files which are progressively increasing through the digitalization and the updating of the previous paper information catalogue as well as through the cataloguing of new acquisitions. The data-base will soon be available for consultation on-line.

The Catalogues and Guides regarding the works on view from the Gallery's collection of the 19th and 20th centuries have been published by Electa.


The catalogue archive may be consulted by appointment.



Stefania Frezzotti